DirecTV Now being rebranded to AT&T TV Now

AT&T TV Now brand official

AT&T’s DirecTV Now streaming service is getting a new name.

DirecTV Now is being rebranded to AT&T TV Now. AT&T confirmed the new name today, saying that it will roll out in the coming weeks along with its new connected experience called AT&T TV.

When the new AT&T TV Now name arrives, DirecTV Now customers will need to re-accept the terms of service and their service will continue without interruption.

DirecTV Now has been around for nearly three years, offering streaming TV service on a variety of devices including Android and iOS smartphones. Now that AT&T is rolling out a new TV experience, it makes sense that it would rebrand DirecTV Now with the AT&T name so that all of their TV offerings are under the same brand.

Have you tried DirecTV Now/AT&T TV Now?

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