Did you reserve a Galaxy Note 10?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 teaser

In August, Samsung is going to announce the newest member of the Galaxy Note phablet lineup. We expect the handset to be called the Galaxy Note 10, and the rumor mill has painted a pretty clear picture of what to expect up to this point, but nothing is officially official just yet. We’re still waiting on Samsung to go through the whole presentation.

But that hasn’t stopped the company from opening reservations for the new phone yet.

Pre-orders aren’t new by any means, and this tactic isn’t new for Samsung, either. Reserving the “next generation of Galaxy” is standard stuff at this point. It goes so far that while you can technically reserve the new phone, nothing on the reservation page actually tells you what it’s even called. So while you might be reserving something we call the Galaxy Note 10, you might get something else entirely if Samsung decides to upend the naming scheme for some reason.

This reservation is basically an effort to prompt trade-ins for the future, and probably expensive, smartphone. We obviously don’t know how much the phone will cost when it arrives, but the safe bet is that it own’t be cheap. Especially the Galaxy Note 10+. Which is probably why it isn’t too surprising to see Samsung offering upwards of $600 off! That’s quite a bit of change and will probably get quite a few people to trade in their devices.

But this all feels a little premature to me. It’s not like I expect the Galaxy Note 10, or any of its variants, to be a bad phone by any means. It’s not like Samsung will have another Galaxy Fold fiasco on its hands (right?). But at the same time, I think I’d like to know something about the phone before I make any kind of commitment to it.

I might be the odd-man-out here, though. Maybe a reservation and a promise to trade-in isn’t completely crazy. After all, there is always the possibility that Samsung has a massive hit on its hands and units sell out quickly. Reserving this early nets you a unit at launch, so that would probably feel pretty good.

So I’m curious: Did you already reserve the next generation of Galaxy? If so, are you upgrading from the Galaxy Note 9 or some other Samsung-branded smartphone that launched recently? Or are you jumping ship from another brand altogether? Let me know!

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