Did he swipe right? NFL quarterback shows he nose a unique way to use the Microsoft Surface

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill uses his nose to advance through screens on a Microsoft Surface during Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Instagram screen grab via @thecheckdown)

That’s snot the play we drew up! But, face it, there’s more than one way to swipe across the screen on a tablet.

During the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, sideline cameras picked up Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the bench, bundled against the cold temperatures. With his hands covered with gloves, Tannehill showed us all a new trick for the Microsoft Surface, using his nose to swipe sideways and then up on the device.

CBS broadcasters Jim Nantz and Tony Romo got a laugh out of Tannehill’s technique and the video was shared on Instagram via the sports site The Checkdown.

The nose swipe is an incredible move ????

A post shared by The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) on Jan 19, 2020 at 2:18pm PST

“How do you kind of advance the screen?” Nantz said. You do it with your nose.”

“You can hurt yourself doing that. That’s crazy,” Romo replied.

As part of a deal between Microsoft and the NFL, which started in 2014, players use the Surface tablet to review past plays during games, replacing the black-and-white printouts that they used to rely on. Referees also use the devices to review instant replays on the field.

Tannehill’s moves managed to get the sniff test from Panos Panay, chief product officer at Microsoft, who also shared the video on Instagram, writing, “Well we don’t have a test for this exact scenario … but I’m thinking we could add one. What a great game today. Love playoff football.”

Panay always seems to have his eye on how Microsoft’s sideline technology is treated during NFL games. A nose swipe is much gentler than the beating the devices have taken in the past. Just a year ago Panay reacted when New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick heaved a Surface into the stands.

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