Did Amazon box up a T. rex? Not quite, but photos take hype for ‘Jurassic World’ film to next level

Jurassic World AmazonJurassic World Amazon
(Twitter Photo / @PrimeVideo)

Amazon has dropped plenty of big boxes on doorsteps around the world, but this might be the biggest.

Images shared on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday by both @PrimeVideo and @JurassicWorld showed that the tech giant is in on the hype for the upcoming summer blockbuster, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” which open in theaters June 12.

The huge box on the back of a flatbed truck is made to look like it might be carrying the star of the film — no, not Chris Pratt — a T. rex. There are air holes in the box and a shipping label says it’s headed for Owen Grady and Claire Dearing — the dino-wrangling characters played by Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The hashtag #AmazonFindsAWay is also stamped on the box.

Sorry, dinosaur fans, but it looks like the shipment is for a new line of Jeep Rubicon vehicles tied to the film. Jeep has long been the preferred vehicle for outrunning angry creatures in the “Jurassic Park” franchise. Remember this chase scene?

Further promotion kicks in for anyone who pays close attention to the shipping label. An Amazon SmileCode takes users of Amazon’s mobile app to deals on all of the “Jurassic” movies for sale on the site.

And users can also ask Alexa to ask Jurassic World what’s inside the box. The voice assistant triggers a “Jurassic World” skill which talks up the June 22 release of “Jurassic World Revealed,” an interactive experience featuring six chapters of “premium audio adventure.”

Oh, well. At least that huge box didn’t just hold a single small item and a bunch of bubblewrap.

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