Diablo IV quarterly update – UI design, controller support, co-op, and cannibal tribes

Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment has published the first in a series of quarterly updates for Diablo IV.

The first quarterly update covers the following three topics:

  • Introduction to Quarterly Updates by game director Luis Barriga
  • UI Design, Controller Support, and Co-Op by lead UI designer Angela Del Priore
    • A word from Diablo IV lead UI designer Angela Del Priore, including updates on post-BlizzCon feedback, controller support on PC, and a deep dive into couch co-op.
  • Monster Family Design Highlight: Cannibal Tribes by senior encounter designer Candace Thomas
    • Senior encounter designer,Candace Thomas shares a first look at a new set of enemies: the cannibal tribes of the Dry Steppes. The update includes new art by Igor Sidorenko, in-world lore, and a video of tribe in action.

Diablo IV is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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