Developers Reveal Why Battlefield V Uses Roman Numeral

Developers Reveal Why Battlefield V Uses Roman Numeral

May 29, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

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When Electronic Arts announced that their next entry into the Battlefield franchise would be titled Battlefield V. For many, it was just another bad naming scheme that a company had devised, but the folks behind the game actually did have a meaning for it, and it ties in very well with the World War II theme that the game is operating under.

Asked on the official Battlefield V Twitter (above) why they use the “peace emoji” (or V symbol) for the game, the company stated that it was due to the fact that the peace sign represents “V for Victory”. First popularized by Winston Churchill and used amongst the allies through the war, it’s also the reason the game was named Battlefield V instead of Battlefield 5. Of course, now that we know why the game uses the Roman numeral V, it does make a lot of sense.

In other recent Battlefield V news, during the official reveal for the game, Electronic Arts confirmed that absolutely no loot boxes would be found in the game:

Battlefield V’s reveal took place yesterday, with DICE talking about a lot of new content for the game and showing off a fresh and action-packed reveal trailer. The series will be heading back to WWII and will feature new game modes and intriguing new ways to play. DICE has done a lot of work changing and evolving the systems that people know Battlefield for in order to make this a more tactical game that players can play in their own way. The development team at DICE discussed how they wanted players to create their stories in these unique theaters of war, and to see WWII from a different perspective.

Battlefield V is set to launch on October 19, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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