Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Now Available for Streaming


Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Now Available for Streaming

June 22, 2018Written by Lucas White

Via the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that the Detroit: Become Human soundtrack has been released for streaming on both Apple Music and Spotify. To celebrate the release of the game’s original score, Sony also dropped a video of composer Philip Sheppard playing Kara’s theme, by himself, using just a cello and a loop pedal.

The biggest selling point of the soundtrack, quality aside, is that it was made as a collabroation between three composers. Each composer handled the music for one of Detroit: Become Human‘s three protagonists. Phillip Shepard of course handled Kara’s storyline, while Nima Fakhrara composed for Connor, and John Paesano was in charge of Markus.

The soundtrack is a whopping 85 tracks, matching the ambition of the game itself. In a previous PlayStation Blog post, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere laid out some of the process being the making of Detroit: Become Human‘s soundtrack. Each composer  was brought in with the specific goal to give each character a unique feel, even in the game’s sound. All of these composers have worked in other mediums such as film and television, and can be attributed to works such as The SignalDaredevil, and The Maze Runner.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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