Detroit: Become Human Photo Mode Axed Because of the PS4’s Limitations


Detroit: Become Human Photo Mode Axed Because of the PS4’s Limitations

August 20, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

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Shortly after Detroit: Become Human’s May 2018 release, talk of a potential photo mode hit the web. With God of War’s photo mode arriving in a post-launch update, the same was expected for Detroit: Become Human. In June 2018, Quantic Dream’s co-CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumière, said the team was hard at work on implementing the feature. Since then, news on Quantic Dream’s progress has been nonexistent. David Cage, Quantic Dream co-CEO, now says the feature has been canceled.

Cage’s update arrived in response to a fan inquiry on Twitter. Someone asked if there were still plans to add a photo mode to Detroit: Become Human, and Cage all but confirmed it isn’t happening.

Considering the almost unparalleled visual fidelity of Detroit: Become Human, it’s no surprise Quantic had trouble squeezing in a photo mode. Graphics aren’t the only aspect of the game pushing the PlayStation 4 to its limits, either. The branching narrative, with its many choices, no doubt takes up a fair share of memory.

The battle to see which title offers the best photo mode is an ongoing fight. While Insomniac plans to outdo God of War’s photo mode, Sucker Punch is already plotting its path to victory with Ghost of Tsushima. Hopefully, Quantic Dream’s next game won’t have to miss out on the fun.

[Source David Cage’s Twitter via Twinfinite]

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