Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

April 23, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

Detroit become human difficulty
Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

If you’re nervous about playing Detroit and how your choices might impact the lives of your characters, Quantic Dream has an easier difficulty option to set you at ease. We had the chance to play the first three hours of Detroit: Become Human last week, and preceding those opening moments was calibration of the game, including the difficulty options available to players. You can select between Casual or Experienced.

Casual is a story focused difficulty with simple controls that are much more forgiving. In the Casual difficulty, there are fewer chances to lose a character due to decisions made.

Experienced has far more immersive gameplay with advanced controls that players of Quantic Dream games will be used to. It’s a fair challenge, and mistakes can easily mean losing characters.

During my preview of Detroit, I played on Experienced, which made even the opening moments of the game a harrowing challenge. Even in the opening three hours, I witnessed the deaths of more than one character based on my decisions. It’s great that Quantic Dream is offering players who just want to enjoy the narrative moments a chance to play the game without needing to worry about things like getting every QTE in a fight sequence perfect.

Quantic Dream revealed that a Detroit demo will be available starting this week. It will feature the opening Hostage mission that we’ve seen in numerous trailers now, and will allow players to go back and retry it again and again to see the kinds of different outcomes they can receive. Will you save the girl? Will Connor die? It’s up to you.

Our hands-on preview with the first three hours found a game that is surprisingly human, despite being about androids and future technology.

Which Detroit: Become Human difficulty option will you be playing when it releases on May 25?

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