Detroit: Become Human Boasts a Playerbase of Over 1.5 Million


Detroit: Become Human Boasts a Playerbase of Over 1.5 Million

August 3, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

Detroit Become Human players

Detroit: Become Human may be well on its way to surpassing even Heavy Rain. Two weeks after a successful launch, Detroit had sold one million copies, hitting an impressive milestone that took Heavy Rain five weeks to reach. Since then, Quantic Dream’s latest has consistently appeared on sales charts. Detroit comfortably sits on NPD’s June report at the number ten spot.

Thanks to the Detroit‘s official Twitter account, we now have better understanding of how its performing, thus far.

1.5 million players have ventured into Quantic Dream’s futuristic vision of Detroit. Over 20 million hours of play have been tallied. Whether or not these numbers, specifically the 1.5 million players, directly translate into copies sold remains to be seen. Regardless, this is an outstanding achievement for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Now the wait to see what Quantic Dream develops next begins. As of now, it does not seem as though any Detroit DLC is planned, which wouldn’t be surprising. While Heavy Rain did have post-launch content, much of which was later cancelled, Beyond: Two Souls never received any add-ons. For fans of Detroit hoping the studio returns to its story of androids, David Cage has said the team isn’t ruling out the possibility. However, precedent suggests Cage and company aren’t big on developing sequels.

[Source: Detroit: Become Human’s Twitter]

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