Destiny 2 Second Expansion Name and Release Date Revealed, Development Roadmap Extended to September,

Destiny 2 Second Expansion Name and Release Date Revealed, Development Roadmap Extended to September,

Destiny 2 Second Expansion Name and Release Date Revealed, Development Roadmap Extended to September,

April 12, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 second expansion 2 warmind
Destiny 2 Second Expansion Name and Release Date Revealed, Development Roadmap Extended to September,

Now that the “Go Fast” update is live, there’s nothing left to do but wait for Destiny 2 Season 3, which will bring the second expansion and another major update full of fixes and changes. The  Destiny 2 roadmap previously halted at May’s content release, but Bungie took a moment yesterday to extend that plan out to September.

Expansion 2–now titled simply Warmind–will be releasing on May 8, a date that was predicted by many players. Along with Warmind, Destiny 2 update 1.2.0 will be hitting, bringing with it seasonal Crucible rankings, increase to vault space, multi-emote functionality, and the huge exotic weapon sandbox update. The exotic armor has been pulled from that update and will now come sometime later in the summer. We’ll also be getting heroic strike modifiers after they were delayed from the previous update.

May 8 will also kick off Season 3, which should bring new content, armor, and cosmetics. There aren’t any details on Season 3 yet, but I expect we’ll hear from Bungie soon enough about what changes are coming to seasonal content.

Pushing out to the summer, Bungie is teasing a brand new seasonal event and bounties, which will hopefully add enough content to hold players over until September. The last node on the development roadmap puts gear collections, records, weapon slot changes and randomization, and a mysterious “and more (yet to be revealed)” line near the bottom. September will launch Season 4, and as long as there’s no delay, we can probably expect Destiny 2’s major yearly expansion to release alongside it.

While any new content is far from being revealed, what ought to excite players are the other details. Almost since the launch of Destiny 2, players have been asking for everything we’re set to get in September. What things like weapon slot changes and randomization look like are currently up in the air. Will they be reverting to a Destiny 1 model, or trying something entirely new? A similar question could be asked for gear collections and records. Will the “records” be similar to the record books from Destiny 1?

You may notice that “Mods 2.0” is missing from the roadmap, but Bungie states that is due to them rolling mod changes into the new weapon randomization that is coming. It makes sense not to completely rework the mod system if a new weapon system is going to come along and change it again anyway.

It’s not a detailed roadmap yet, but it puts a lot of interesting new ideas on the board for Bungie to commit to. By putting something on the development roadmap, Bungie is making a sort of promise to players that these features are being actively worked on. We may see some get delayed, as we have in the past, but ultimately everything you see here is past the conception phase and in the development pipeline. Bungie plans to update the roadmap monthly to keep players apprised of their progress.

Bungie will be holding a live stream on April 24 to reveal the Destiny 2 second expansion, and show players some of what we’ll be able to play when Warmind launches. If you bought the Destiny 2 season pass, you will have access to Warmind when it launches. All other updates are free to all players, regardless of DLC purchase.

Season 3 will also bring some major changes to how Crucible content is delivered. All new Crucible maps will now be part of standard rotation for all players, whether or not they purchase the DLC expansions. This is designed to keep the Crucible unified and ensure a bigger pool of players competing.

As a Destiny 2 player that has somewhat lapsed from regular play, the updates in store for the game have more than piqued my interest and are driving a high level of excitement for Bungie’s game again. What are you most excited for coming up in the Destiny 2 development roadmap? Are there any changes or additions not listed here that you would like to see get added in a future update?

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