Destiny 2: Forsaken Will Vastly Change the Destiny 2 Landscape, September 4 Release


Destiny 2: Forsaken Will Vastly Change the Destiny 2 Landscape, September 4 Release

June 5, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

Bungie kicked off their Destiny 2: Forsaken reveal stream with a 10 minute vidoc that kept hitting beat after beat, featuring new content and changes that will transform Destiny 2 into a game that people want to play as a hobby. Game Director Steve Cotton calls this an accumulation of everything the community has been asking for. It concluded with a release date announcement for September 4. You can check out the full video above (highly recommended), but if you just want the bullet points, read on.


Destiny 2: Forsaken will feature an all new story about a massive prison break in the Reef, including two new locations to explore, new enemies to fight, new Supers for Guardians to use, and more changes that will completely transform Destiny 2 into a whole new game. Forsaken targets the feeling of a space Western with a hint of a revenge vibe, embracing that Firefly type of feeling, only with space magic.

Following years of strife, what remains of the Reef has fallen to lawlessness. You and Cayde-6 personally investigate the recent unrest. Upon arrival, you soon discover the most-wanted criminals in the Prison of Elders have organized an escape. Beyond the Vanguard’s authority, you’ll pursue these fugitives deep into the Reef. Explore new regions and awaken new powers, earn powerful weapons, and uncover long lost Awoken secrets. The hunt is on.

The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City are the two new destinations guardians will explore. The Tangled Shore is a series of lashed together asteroids deep in the Reef, a lawless part of the solar system akin to a galactic Old West. The Dreaming City is a beautiful location that is the home of the Awoken, a place that hides dark secrets and the expansions endgame activities like the new Raid.

The Scorn is the “most malevolent force” in the Tangled Shore, with the Barons as the top dogs of the Scorn. While it wasn’t made implicitly clear, it does appear that the Scorn are an all-new enemy race/faction to fight, changing our expectations of how we’ve come to do battle in Destiny 2.

An all new weapon system will also shift how you play Destiny 2, allowing players to customize and create their own loadouts. You get to play how you want, whether it’s Destiny 1’s weapon slot system, Destiny 2’s, or even crazy new loadouts like triple-shotguns. Random rolls are also coming back along with a whole new mod system so that every weapon will feel different, unique, and be worth obtaining. Not a lot of details were offered on how this system will be reigned in to ensure players aren’t rocket spamming the game, but we’ll find out more in the coming months. They’ve also teased a new Masterwork system that will allow players to level up their weapons invest in their weapons.

If all that’s not enough, there are new Supers headed to Destiny 2 with Forsaken. While it’s not a whole new subclass element, each class gets new supers within the other elements, like the fire knives for the Hunter, massive solar hammer for the Titan, or teleporting Void Warlock. It seems like each class will get multiple new Supers, and we’re certain Bungie is hiding a few things for surprises when it releases. A new weapon type is making its way into Destiny with bows, which, let’s be honest, is probably the best video game weapon ever.

All that said, and we’re only at the halfway point for the vidoc.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Teased by the community leaders who got the opportunity to play the game at the community summit, Gambit is an all new game mode that combines PvP and PvE in a unique way. Each team is in their own separate arena being assaulted by enemies and must collect motes in order to summon a boss. During this, certain actions will impact the other team, and at times, one person from the team can go over to the other side to attack the other team.

Going on to tease the Raid, Bungie says that this Raid has more bosses than any Raid before, and will now also shift and change based on the actions of the community. The also cryptically talk about The Dreaming City and the secrets it hold, calling it massive, mysterious, and unlike anything they have ever done before.

Reinforcing the hobby of Destiny, Bungie is adding Triumphs to earn and gear collections to chase. You will be able to track all of the items you can acquire in the game and be pointed in the right direction to obtain them all, so if you are a completionist, this will scratch that itch for you. Of course, it will come with all-new gear to fill out those collections as well.

Bungie went on to add some further details in their full reveal live stream, and has indicated that the conversation will continue with Destiny 2 players throughout the summer. Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, and will require the base Destiny 2 game and Expansions 1 and 2 to play.

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