Department of Justice may block T-Mobile-Sprint merger over antitrust concerns

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Hours after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai came out in support of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, a new report says that the deal could be facing a roadblock.

The Department of Justice is leaning towards blocking T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger, says a report from Bloomberg. The DOJ is reviewing the deal for any antitrust issues, and today’s report says that T-Mo and Sprint haven’t done enough to resolve the DOJ’s antitrust concerns.

Earlier today, FCC Chairman Pai said that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is in the public interest and that he planned to recommend to the FCC commissioners that it be approved. This came after T-Mobile and Sprint made commitments to the FCC, such as building out their mobile 5G and in-home broadband services and selling off Sprint’s Boost Mobile prepaid business.

Despite the deal getting the thumbs up from the FCC Chairman, the Justice Department still has issues with the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. You can be sure that T-Mo and Sprint will now work even harder to convince the DOJ to approve the deal, but it’s unclear if it’ll succeed or if the merger will ultimately be blocked by the Justice Department.

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