Dell patents a interesting Windows 10 device with flexible body

Microsoft Andromeda concept

Dell was recently granted another patent for a foldable device
but unlike the previous one, this patent application focuses
entirely on a laptop and display mode of the flexible device.
According to the patents that we have discovered, Dell has been
working on various concepts for foldable, dual-screen and
flexible devices for many years.

Although Dell hasn’t yet produced anything with a flexible and
foldable display, the company appears to be in search of an
innovative idea.

First spotted by us, the patent titled ‘Flexible Information
Handling System Display User Interface Configuration and
Provisioning’ was filed by Dell in January 2017 and it was
published by USPTO
in July 2018.

What makes this patent application unique from other concepts
is the design and the concept. In the patent application, the
device has been coupled with multiple portions having an OLED
display. Just like any multi-screen device, it also uses a
hinge to switch between various form factors.

Dell foldable patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

In the patent’s claims and figures section, Dell writes that
the device shown in the patent application can be used in a
three-fold, four-fold and clamshell configuration. It
also depicts a device with a folded display and end-user
input to rotate the housing portions to a desired

Dell three way foldable device
Image Courtesy: USPTO

“The term clamshell configuration refers to the relative
rotational orientation of a folded housing to hold
display in a viewing positions over a keyboard that
accepts end user inputs. In the example embodiment, display has
a contiguous display film, such as an OLED film, that is
disposed over folded housing,” Dell explains.

Four way Dell patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

The above drawing in the patent application shows off an
interesting form factor where the device is being used to
display information from all of its screens.

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