Dell Mobile Connect will soon let you mirror your iPhone screen on your PC

Dell Mobile Connect is a handy app that lets you do things like send and receive phone calls and texts, see notifications, and view your contacts from your phone on your PC. And soon, the app is going to get even better for iPhone users.

Dell has announced that in spring 2020, the Dell Mobile Connect app will support wireless transfer and app mirroring on iPhones. Those features are currently only available with Android phones.

Wireless transfer allows you to drag and drop photos and videos from your PC to your phone and vice versa. Screen mirroring lets you see your smartphone’s screen on your PC and use any of the apps on your phone using your PC’s mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen.

iOS is known for being a bit of a walled garden, with Apple being the only company that makes iOS software and hardware. This can make it more difficult for companies to offer features like screen mirroring and file transfer compared to Android, which is often touted as being “open”. That’s why the addition of these features to Dell Mobile Connect for iPhone will make for a big update, letting you do things like send iMessages from your PC using screen mirroring. 

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