Dell is reportedly working on a dual-screen device with Windows 10

Dell Januss
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A report from reliable sources revealed that
Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon 850 processor for
next-generation Always Connected PCs powered by Windows 10 on
Microsoft’s next mobile device codenamed Andromeda
(referred to as Surface Phone) is also supposed to launch with
Windows 10 on ARM and the rumoured processor.

Microsoft’s Andromeda, often referred to as Surface Phone is
the company’s long rumoured and mythical foldable phone. It’s a
2-in-1 device from Surface team that’s supposed to replace your
smartphone and tablet.

The Surface devices are built for business with powerful,
and ultra-versatile design. It neatly define the categories
that Microsoft wants populate, while also encouraging
partners to step up their design game. Microsoft’s Surface
laptops proved to be effective in the case of 2-in-1 devices,
and it also motivated the partners to do the same.

As expected, Microsoft partners are now also working on a
dual-screen. If the reports are believed to be true, Dell is
also working on a dual-screen mobile-type device codenamed
Januss. By the looks of things, Dell is the first big name
interested in a dual-screen Courier-like project and it’s a
good news for the Redmond-based Microsoft.

Interestingly, Dell started working on the rumoured dual-screen
device in the summer of 2017 and the company is still committed
to the project. Dell Januss is already in the prototype stage
and some improvements were implemented earlier this year,
so it’s likely the dual-screen could still be launched after

As noted above, Dell’s dual screen model would run Windows 10
ARM and it could be powered by Qualcomm’s
next-generation Snapdragon 850 processor specifically
optimized for Microsoft’s platform. Interestingly, it will also
support LTE connectivity and cameras. It will also feature
an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

It appears to be a mobile-type device with smartphone-like
features, and the device also supports USB Type-C ports
for fast charging. The specs sheet is a living proof that the
company is aiming towards building a mobile device with
Microsoft to support the software giant’s new initiative.

Despite the project being in a rather advanced stage, Dell
could still cancel the rumoured device. However, it’s highly
unlikely. If everything goes as per the schedule, Dell’s Janus
will be announced along with Microsoft’s mythical Andromeda
phone, which itself is supposed to happen launch this

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