Deckbuilding roguelike One Step From Eden for Switch, PC launches March 26

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden, a deckbuilding roguelike with real-time grid-based combat, will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam and the Humble Store on March 26, publisher Humble Bundle Presents and developer Thomas Moon Kang announced. A PC demo is available now via Game Jolt.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


One Step From Eden combines strategic dec-building and real-time action with roguelike elements. Cast powerful spells on the fly, battle evolving enemies, collect game-changing artifacts, make friends or make enemies. Make it one step from Eden, the last shining beacon of hope in a bleak post-war world. Fight alone (or with a friend in co-op) and lead your character down a path of mercy or destruction.

Key Features

  • Deckbuilding with 200-plus spells and 100-plus game-changing items.
  • Action deckbuilding, a blend of bullet hell action and card game strategy.
  • Eight-plus payable characters and bosses.
  • Life or death choices with alternate runs and endings.
  • Unique evolving enemies that get ingeniously more difficult.
  • Procedurally generated worlds and battles.
  • Local co-op and player-versus-player.
  • Full controller and keyboard and mouse support on PC.
  • Steam Workshop and mod support on PC.

Watch a new trailer below. Visit the official website here.

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