Days Gone is Game Informer’s June 2018 cover story


Days Gone

Days Gone, the 2019-due open-world zombie game for PlayStation 4 from Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio, is Game Informer’s June 2018 cover story, the magazine announced.

Here is Game Informer’s overview of its magazine coverage:

Does the world really need another zombie game? That’s one of the many questions we had before heading to Sony Bend Studio’s offices in Oregon to check out Days Gone. After spending a couple of days playing the game and gaining a deeper understanding of what the studio is trying to accomplish, we came back with an enthusiastic yes. You face a massive undead threat, but they’re just part of the dangerous open-world ecology. Virtually everything in this dark vision of the Pacific Northwest wants to separate you from your life. Fortunately, you have the tools you need to survive – including your fully upgradable motorcycle.

In the June issue of Game Informer, we packed 14 pages with exclusive details and developer insight from that trip, including an extensive look at how Sony Bend is working to breathe life not only into the zombie apocalypse, but open-world games in general.

Sony has shown off Days Gone at E3 over the past couple of years, but we didn’t fully appreciate what Sony Bend is doing until after we played it ourselves. We learned more about the game’s biker protagonist, Deacon St. John, and his broken world – and experienced some of the brutal lengths he’s willing to go in order to keep his friends safe. We also have a better understanding of how exploration, story, and action interlock to tell what could be one of the genre’s most consistent narrative experiences.

In addition to the magazine coverage, Game Informer will have a month of exclusive online content including “lengthy interviews with the game’s creators, hands-on impressions, and a massive amount of Days Gone gameplay footage.” The next update be available at Game Informer’s Days Gone Hub on May 9.

Watch Game Informer’s Days Gone coverage trailer below.

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