David Cage, Director/Writer of Detroit: Become Human, has an AMA on Reddit Today at 9:30 PST


David Cage, Director/Writer of Detroit: Become Human, has an AMA on Reddit Today at 9:30 PST

June 22, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

David Cage AMA

You can hop onto the Detroit: Become Human subreddit today at 9:30 PST to find David Cage, the game’s director/writer, fielding your questions via an AMA about a month after the game’s initial release.

Detroit: Become Human is a high profile game for many reasons. Having graced Sony’s stage at back to back E3 conferences prior to its release, it’s clear that this PlayStation exclusive was positioned to be a hit. And in this regard, it was successful. Not only is this Quantic Dream’s best game launch ever, as reported by Venture Beat, but it remains a top 10 seller in Japan.

But Detroit: Become Human‘s commercial prosperity isn’t without its fair share of criticism. From accusations of a toxic work environment (in real life) to the parallels made between the android experience and slavery (in the game itself), David Cage’s brand is riddled with controversy. Still, this decision driven adventure game has received at Metacritic score of 78 based on 95 Critics.

So while some gamers and critics may approach this AMA with one core question: “How dare you?” others will be more intrigued by the nuances within the difference narrative branches that appear based on the players’ choices. And many, I’m sure, will land somewhere in between with questions like (Spoiler Alert) doesn’t allowing players to get a “new model” Chloe take away from the original decision to free her?

Whether or not you have questions for David Cage, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what he’s asked and how he responds. David Cage is under a microscope, amid all the allegations and eye-rolls, how will he fair during this AMA?

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