Dauntless for PS4, Xbox One, and Epic Games Store delayed to summer



Phoenix Labs has delayed the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Epic Games Store versions of hunting co-op action RPG Dauntless from their previously planned April release window to this summer.

The additional time will allow Phoenix Labs to “polish gameplay, stress-test for scale, and complete additional features in time for launch on console and the Epic Games store.”

The company also announced that it is hard at work on cross-play support for its console releases. Expanded friends lists, matchmaking, and more are all underway in service of bringing its “One Dauntless” vision to life.

Dauntless is also planned for release on Switch and smartphones sometime in 2019.

In related news, Phoenix Labs also released the latest update for the currently available PlayDauntless.com version, which adds the following content:

New Behemoth: Boreus

Boreus is the first Behemoth in Dauntless with the ability to summon swarms of minions to its aid. The Boreus is a frost-powered Behemoth that is best thought of as not a single Behemoth, but as a whole host of creatures—this becomes quickly apparent once it calls upon three distinct minion types to assail unsuspecting Slayers. Those who hunt the Boreus will need to employ new tactics and strategies to secure a kill.

Hunt Pass Season 3

Boreus also heralds the launch of Hunt Pass Season 3: Overgrowth, as Dauntless continues to expand in the lead up to launch. Arriving alongside the Behemoth, this new seasonal event runs from March 13 to April 16 and gives Slayers the opportunity to earn a full set of Farslayer gear, including the first-ever transmog for the Ostian repeaters. Emotes, epic flares and other rewards dot both the Elite and Basic Hunt Pass tracks as well.

Additional Changes

Additional changes coming in today’s patch include a completely revamped UI for Slayer loadouts that enables easy swapping of armor, consumables and cells on a single screen, as well as updated attacks and combos for the Hammer weapon class that enable new, vicious attack options. This is part of an ongoing effort to rework and refine existing systems in Dauntless for launch, ensuring the experience is fresh for new and existing players alike.

Watch a new developer diary below.

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