Dark theme for File Explorer in Windows 10 gets improvement in new Redstone 5 build

file explorer dark theme
Image Courtesy: @TechAndPets (Twitter)

Windows 10 has support for dark and light themes throughout all
the modern elements in the operating system. The Settings app,
Microsoft Edge, and all the UWP apps can have either a dark
theme or a light theme but this option is not available with
any of the older Win32 elements. But Microsoft has recently
started working on a dark theme for the File Explorer in
Windows 10.

Microsoft hasn’t given out any official statement
regarding this feature but it was found out as an early
implementation back in April 2018. It definitely looked like a
work in progress back then. The good news is that with the
latest Windows 10 Redstone 5 update, the File Explorer gets
dark theme in more areas.

Build 17661 of the Skip Ahead and Fast ring for Windows
Insiders received this update but it is not available by
default. So the users would have to manually enable it by using
a tool like

This was posted by a Twitter user and it can be seen that the
dark theme now looks better than what it looked like

The address bar is now also black in color. It is not perfect
but is still better than what it was. The File Explorer has
always had a lighter theme. If a user has a dark theme
throughout his device, it wouldn’t look nice when he opens
the File Explorer. For these types of users, a dark themed File
Explorer is a must-have.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 will be released in the fall of this year
and we can hope to see this feature implemented in the update.
If it is supposed to launch with the dark theme for the File
Explorer, then we can see this feature coming to any of the
builds for Windows Insiders.

There is still a lot of work to do. But as of now, all we know
is that this feature is still being experimented with and by
the time it reaches the mass audience, it will certainly
look better. But we still haven’t got any official confirmation
from Microsoft which means that if things are not looking good,
Microsoft may cancel the idea as a whole.

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