Dark Mode finally makes its way to Windows Community Toolkit Sample App

Windows Community Toolkit Sample App

Windows Community Toolkit Sample App is a one-stop shop
for Windows 10 developers to get the latest and greatest
functions, controls and services for their apps. The app has
been out there for a while now and has been massively popular
among Windows developers as well as the enthusiast
crowd. However, there was this one thing that it always
lacked – dark mode!

Today, Microsoft started rolling out an update to the Windows
Community Toolkit that bumped up the version to 4.0.3. With all
the other enhancements, this update also brings Dark Mode to
the app.

Users have lately been demanding for dark-mode everywhere
within the apps that they use. With nicer aesthetics, dark-mode
also has its practical benefits with being less eye-straining
while using at night or in any dark environment. Professional
productivity apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator has had
dark-mode for ages now due to overnight usage by its users.

It looks like the silicon valley is finally listening to its
users. Microsoft is testing dark-mode in file explorer in
Windows 10 Redstone 5 which is due this fall. Google has
already rolled out dark-mode in YouTube. Even Apple is testing
system-wide dark-mode in MacOS Mojave.

Although, Windows 10 already had a system-wide switch to
dark-mode but it was (and still is) very inconsistent with some
parts of the OS remaining unchanged. Even some of the UWP apps
never switched to dark-mode with Windows Community Toolkit
Sample App being among them.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Windows Community Toolkit
finally catching up with this trend and will surely impress its

People Love Dark Themes

Users everywhere have different tastes and expectations but
dark themes have become surprisingly popular these days. The
majority of software makers such as Apple and Microsoft have
already launched them for most of their apps.

Microsoft has launched dark visual for a number of
pre-installed Windows 10 core apps including the Settings app
it’s also coming to the File Explorer later this year. A
dark mode in all apps and tools is among the top feature
requests from Windows 10 users, and Microsoft is fully aware of

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