D3 Publisher launches new Switch title countdown website


D3 Publisher has launched a countdown website for a new Switch game featuring a “Fun Item Search.” Finding and clicking on the item in the illustration will reveal a hint as to what the new game will be.

The countdown website will be updated everyday around noon Japan time until the game is revealed on June 15, each day providing a new item and hint as to what the game will be.

—By finding the hidden items in this picture, you will reveal hints that make it apparent as to what the new game will be. As the countdown progresses, the illustration might also change.

D3 Publisher - Switch Countdown

The website also features Sagashi Neko, or “Search Cat,” who will help you find the items. But apparently Sagashi Neko looks down on kids who are unable to find the items on their own, which is his only fault.

“Today’s item is a furropy disk,” Sagashi Neko reveals. “This place looks like a dilapidated hotel, so purrhaps it got thrown out with the other trash?”

By clicking on the floppy disk, the following image appears, revealing that the game will be a digital-only title:

D3 Publisher - Switch Countdown

Stay tuned.

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