Cygames’ Project Awakening early gameplay video shown behind closed doors at E3 2018


Project Awakening

Cygames showed members of the press an early gameplay video of Project Awakening, its 2016-announced “high-end console” game in development at Cygames Osaka, during a behind closed doors presentation at E3 2018.

The gameplay video, which is one minute long, features detailed, photo-realistic ruins and a fighter armed with a sword and shield, who encounters and battles a dragon. Cygames said that it represents a game far from completion, as the team has mainly been at work on the concept and engine, and for that reason it will not be released to the public.

Platforms for Project Awakening have yet to be announced. However, Cygames Osaka was established in 2015 with a focus on PlayStation 4 development. Its team includes Junji Tago, who was the technical director of the Fox Engine at Konami’s Kojima Productions.

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