Cyberpunk 2077 is So Much Different Than The Witcher 3


Cyberpunk 2077 is So Much Different Than The Witcher 3

June 15, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Details

Or so they say. CD Projekt RED claims that their latest project is a test to see how different the game can be from their hugely successful RPG, The Witcher 3. For the past few days, everyone’s been talking about an hour-long gameplay demo for Cybperpunk 2077, which was shown at the E3 2018 to members of the press behind closed doors. At the moment, there’s so much info about the game, you’ll most likely spend hours just reading about it.

However, following the gameplay demo (which the public clearly won’t be allowed to see for some time), the developers of the game were interviewed on many key aspects of the project. In a recent interview carried out by PC Gamer, CD Projekt mentions how much effort went into pushing everything beyond what they’ve accomplished in The Witcher 3.

Here’s a snip from the interview:

I wanted to talk about the dialogue system. It no longer feels like you’re stepping into a cutscene that’s structured. How does that system work? Is it real time? Characters can be talking to me and I can almost walk away from them if I want to?

We’re still in the process of designing this, but we want to feel that continuous flow. Going back to the coolness points, that might unlock options in the dialogue system that you might not have had. We want to treat this definitely as important. The Witcher had a really good one as well, and the team, again, they’re looking at constantly taking it up a notch. So we’re doing some really nice things there.

The info about Cyberpunk 2077 is scattered all over the place, folks. We’ve also recently learned that the romance options in the game will be more varied than in The Witcher 3.

So, based on all the info we have so far, let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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