Cyberpunk 2077 Is Now Playable from Start to Finish


Cyberpunk 2077 Is Now Playable from Start to Finish

August 23, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

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Despite an impressive showing at E3 2018, CD Projekt RED insists Cyberpunk 2077 is still years away from being released. At the end of June 2018, the game was said to be in the pre-alpha stage of development. Typically, this means a game’s development cycle has a ways to go, as not everything the developer has planned is in working order. However, Cyberpunk 2077, in whatever stage it’s currently in, is now playable from start to finish.

CD Projekt RED producer, Richard Borzymowski, revealed the milestone during a gamescom 2018 interview with Engadget. Borzymowski noted that “the entire game is playable from start to finish. It doesn’t have all of the proper assets, playtesting or bug fixes in place, but seeing the story come together is a critical step in the development process.”

During the interview, Borzymowski also touched on how Cyberpunk 2077 tackles cyberpunk as a genre. The basic tenets are very much in place; yet, CD Projekt intends to explore the genre with a new bent. Cyberpunk exemplifies rebellion against the system—corrupt governments, big business, and societal constructs. As Borzymowski put it, Cyberpunk 2077 won’t revolve around disrupting the faulty status quo. Rather, this game aims to tell a personal story.

Borzymowski told Engadget,

The punk part in cyberpunk stands not only for rock and roll and sex and drugs and whatever. It also stands as a fight against the system.

We want to always keep it personal. We don’t want to tell a story about rescuing the world. We don’t want to basically destroy the system… It’s not just another part in this cyberpunk-industry cliche machine.

When players will get to explore CD Projekt RED’s latest project for themselves remains unknown. But here’s to hoping we won’t have to wait too much longer to actually see Cyberpunk 2077 in action.

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