Crystar details Kokoro Fudoji, Sen Megumiba, Anamnesis, 777, and systems


■ Characters

Kokoro Fudoji (voiced by Yuka Iguchi)

  • Height: 167cm
  • Birthday: September 23
  • Blood Type: A
  • Gem Theme: Sapphire / Ametrine
  • Symbol: Dog


A living girl that the protagonist befriends in limbo. Her Guardian’s name is Diogenes.

She was attacked by Anamnesis, and lost both the man she was dating and the child she was carrying in her womb. She is an avenger demon who fights in limbo in order to carry out her revenge against Anamnesis.

She has a Kansai dialect and is usually a cheerful and merry older sister-type character. She loves cute, younger girls.


Sen Megumiba (voiced by Honoka Inoue)

  • Height: 158cm
  • Birthday: January 6
  • Blood Type: A
  • Gem Theme: Garnet / Star Garnet
  • Symbol: Lion


A living girl that the protagonist befriends in limbo. Her Guardian’s name is Socrates.

She is the sole survivor of a certain incident, and in that incident she lost her beloved mother.

Influenced by her father, who is a public prosecutor, she respects the rules and speaks with an adherence to justice.

In limbo, she fights for the “justice” that she so strongly believes in.


Anamnesis (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)

  • Height: 162cm
  • Birthday: August 29
  • Blood Type: O
  • Gem Theme: Amethyst / Iolite


A humanoid spirit who pulled Rei and Mirai into limbo and caused Rei to kill Mirai.

She is the fated enemy that Zero and company encounter many times over while making their way into the depths of limbo in search of Mirai’s soul, which is wandering about limbo. In order to resurrect Mirai, to take back the important people that were forgotten, and to get revenge, they are moving in the shadows.


777 (voiced by Sumire Morohoshi)

  • Height: 135cm
  • Birthday: November 22
  • Blood Type: B
  • Gem Theme: Topaz / Yellow Oval
  • Symbol: Bird


A humanoid spirit who takes a liking to Rei. A dead girl.

She mysteriously favors Rei and comes to be persistently involved with her.

She possesses great power, completely changing areas of limbo to try to make Rei happy, and obstructing Rei and company’s progress.

“Supporting you is exciting” is her catchphrase, and she tends to impose play-themed “games” upon Rei and company, such as tag and hide-and-seek.


■ System

Feelings of Guilt: The Weight of Karma

The spirits you fight in limbo were originally human. If you kill them, their heartrending outcries will cling to you. These agonies of death never disappear, even when Rei returns to reality, and will torture her heart.


Catharsis: Cry to Become Stronger

By crying by yourself while thinking about the last moments of the souls you have defeated, you can purify their agonies of death. By overcoming the karma weighing you down, you can grow mentally and produce “Ideas” that can be equipped in limbo.


Battle Action: Cry to Fight

When attacking or receiving damage, your “Tear Gauge” will rise. When it reaches its MAX, you can cry. While crying, you are in an awakened state and your “Guardian” is manifested. While a Guardian is manifested, the character’s power is fully unlocked, enabling the use of special moves and more.




A Guardian is the manifestation of an Agent’s “Idea.” Guardians perform actions such as automatically counterattacking and defending their Agent when attacked by an enemy. The closer the Agent is to death, the stronger the Guardian will become, and the lower the Agent’s HP, the higher the probability of manifestation.



Four Playable Characters

Rei Hatada

  • Weapon: One-Handed Sword
  • Style: All Rounder Type
  • Guardian: Heraclitus

An all rounder-type who uses a one-handed sword Idea, which she is able to handle easily and instinctively. On average, her attack power is high, but her physical strength is low.

Kokoro Fudoji

  • Weapon: Knuckles
  • Style: Power Type
  • Guardian: Diogenes

A power-type who uses a kunckle Idea. While her combo number is low, her single hit damage is high. However, since her attack range is low, she is weak when it comes to fighting several enemies at once.

Sen Megumiba

  • Weapon: Two-Handed Sword
  • Style: High-Speed Consecutive Attack Type
  • Guardian: Socrates

A high-speed consecutive attack type who uses a two-handed sword Idea. Her single hit damage is low, but using one move after the next is where she excels. When she joins the party, her stats are high, but her level up growth is slow.


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