Creators of Resistance Teasing New VR Game, Full Reveal Next Week

Creators of Resistance Teasing New VR Game, Full Reveal Next Week

May 31, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Insomniac Games VR game coming

Insomniac Games is really busy at the moment. For one thing, they have directed all of their energy and focus on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Spider-Man. Today, the developers over at Insomniac have teased a new VR title in their “developer spotlight” that speaks of the team’s history. Before we go any further discussing Insomniac Games’ VR game, you might want to recollect their track record.

Remember, these are the folks that brought us games like Ratchet and Clank, and the Resistance series.

Now, we do not know much about this new VR title. What we do know is that the project is definitely being made for the Oculus Rift and that the studio intends to reveal it next week, June 7, 2018. Oculus Rift, of course, means that the game is PC-bound, albeit there is a solid chance Sony will snatch this for PlayStation VR. After all, Insomniac Games has been involved with so many games for the PlayStation platform in the past.

“We’re always challenging ourselves to try something that we’ve never done before,” said an Insomniac Games developer states in the new dev spotlight released today.

Check out the video below:

If that’s not enough for ya, here’s a bullet point of focuses from the games that were discussed in the video, before they teased with the VR game (courtesy of Shacknews):

  • “Weapons that push the envelope”
  • “Interesting movement”
  • “Spaces that really compel people to explore” (Ratchet and Clank)
  • A playground to move around at breakneck speeds (Sunset Overdrive)
  • VR traversal “in a way that couldn’t be done before” (Edge of Nowhere)
  • Shift to a first-person scheme, the full body movement tracking for opponents (Unspoken)
  • Community outreach will be a strong focal point
  • The new VR game has the tagline “Reclaim Your World.”

So, people, any ideas as to what this might be? Personally, I’d love to see a brand new Resistance game.

[Source: Shacknews]

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