Could a New Def Jam Sequel Be in the Works?


Could a New Def Jam Sequel Be in the Works?

August 2, 2018Written by Lucas White

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Remember when there was more than one kind of wrestling game on the market? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Especially since one of those games was the Def Jam series, which wasn’t just built on the AKI engine, one of the most legendary platforms for video game wrestling. It was also all about hip hop/rap culture, in a way that few video games are. Between the awesome roster, soundtrack, and gameplay, the fact that there hasn’t been a new one in a long time is a real shame. But perhaps, maybe, some movement is happening.

A while back, roughly a month ago, the official Def Jam Recordings Twitter sent out the Def Jam Vendetta cover art with a PS4 header across the top and a “?” instead of the usual face on the cover. It asked fans who they’d want to see on the new cover, with a big ol’ “HYPOTHETICALLY” in all caps. But now, the plot has thickened.

Def Jam Recordings is once again trying to mess with the Def Jam-slash-wrestling fanbase. The new tweet says “Pick a city,” and is paired with a “which one would you wanna see next?” graphic. It’s a bunch of logo mockups for a Def Jam: Fight for NY follow-up, which includes Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

This of course could be more goofing around from the company’s social media department. But as in most entertainment spaces, “never say never” is totally a thing. Also, that tweet is “pinned” right now. What do you all think? Does the future have a new AKI wrestling game in store from Def Jam?

[Source: Def Jam Recordings via Twitter]

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