Control Elon Musk’s SpaceX ‘Starman’ in quest to blow up Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos in video game

It’s the Friday before a three-day weekend, and your head is probably already in the clouds, so here’s something to put it in space.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to the convertible red Tesla Roadster that Elon Musk launched along with his Falcon Heavy Rocket in February — complete with a “Starman” mannequin in a space suit — it’s inside this simple video game.

The game is from the folks at AutoWise, and features three levels — Earth, Moon and Mars — and an 8-bit version of David Bowie’s song “Starman” as soundtrack.

By controlling the car and firing at oncoming obstacles such as asteroids, satellites and large nuts, players collect points and ultimately the chance to face the ultimate space boss: Jeff Bezos.

The Blue Origin (and Amazon) founder’s smiling head bobs back and forth and is worth 5,000 points if you manage to blow it up and bring bragging rights with you to Mars for SpaceX.

(If you’re not on a desktop or laptop with arrow keys to use as controls, you can see how it all looks in video below).

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