Contra: Rogue Corps appears on the Microsoft Store


‪Konami Digital Entertainment‬ recently confirmed that Contra
Rogue Corps is the latest entry in the storied Contra series.
The classic 2D game has been evolved into an entirely 3D
shooter with several new additions, including the ability to
upgrade your weapon and much more.

Contra Rogue Corps is on its way to the Xbox One and the
listing of
the game just went live on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft
has blocked web crawlers from indexing the store listing and
product page has been made difficult to find.

Xbox One users cannot download or install the game from the
Store and the price of Contra Rogue Corps is also not known at
the moment. The size of Contra Rogue Corps is 9.61 GB and
it supports the following features:

  • Single player.
  • Xbox Live online multiplayer (2-8).
  • Xbox Live local co-op (2-4).
  • Xbox Live online co-op (2-4).
  • HDR10.
  • 4K Ultra HD.
  • Xbox Live achievements, presence and cloud saves.

The Microsoft Store description has the following details:

This will be a brand new release of CONTRA, a well-known
and long-running IP series since the 1980s.

There are 5 main protagonists in this game, who are all
members of the mercenary called Rogue Corps. They were all once
a hero during the humanity-alien war, but were falsely accused
of president assassination when the war ended. After escaping
from the military prison, they were living at underground
society as a mercenary, while also fighting to find evidence of
their innocence and regain honor.

Supports online multiplayer mode.

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