Conception TV anime begins airing October 9


The Gonzo-produced Conception television anime will begin airing on October 9, Spike Chunsoft announced.

The company also revealed the game’s key visual and voice cast.

Here is the key visual:


And here is the cast:


From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Itsuki Yuge (voiced by Yuuki Ono)
  • Mahiru Konatsuki (voiced by Emiri Katou)
  • Allie (voiced by Aya Endo)
  • Femiluna (voiced by Saki Fujita)
  • Colette (voiced by Asami Shimoda)
  • Yuzuha (voiced by Yukiyo Fujii)

Finally, here is a brief introduction to the anime:

Granvania, a magical world corroded by “impurity.” Itsuki Yuge, who is summoned from earth (the heavens) to purify the impurity, must participate in love ceremonies with the “12 Maidens of the Stars” in order to give birth to “Star Children.” “In order to carry out my mission… give birth to my children!”

Visit the Conception television anime’s official website here.

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