Concept imagines Windows 7 with a new interface


It has been almost 3 years since Microsoft launched Windows 10.
Microsoft still hasn’t been able to reach their goal of 1
Billion devices running Windows 10. One of the main reasons why
Windows 10 finds it hard to reach the goal is Windows 7. Yes,
Windows 7 which was released almost 9 years ago still has a
higher user base than Windows 10 and that might still be
the reason why Windows 10 finds it hard to reach its goal.

Windows 10 might be the most feature packed and secure version
of Windows but there is something about Windows 7 that reminds
us about how things used to be. Windows 7 has a simple
interface which had nothing fancy like with Windows 10’s Fluent
Design scheme but it always got the job done.

A YouTuber who goes by the name Avdan aims to take us back to
memory lane with a concept video of what Windows 7 would have
looked like if it launched today.

One of the best things about the concept video is that the
creator has managed to combine a lot of modern features
and interface elements that Windows 10 has with the clean and
clutter-free interface of Windows 7. Taking a look at this
concept really makes us wonder how much we love a simple,
beautiful and straight-forward interface.

The video begins by showing the Task Manager and then the Start
menu which looks way more beautiful than that of Windows 10.
Then it shows apps like Weather which also has Fluent design
elements. The Action Centre looks much better than what Windows
10 has.

The concept also features Windows 7 with a full dark mode which
makes the entire interface darker and looks way cooler at the
same time. It also has support for Dynamic wallpaper.

While this may look better than Windows 10, do note that this
is just a concept video and it is not any theme that you can
install with Windows 10.

Current market share shows Windows 7 at 41.79% and Windows 10
at 34.74%. These values itself suggest how people loved Windows
7. It is all well and good but if you want the most secure and
feature-packed Windows out there, you would have to use Windows
10. Also, keep in mind that support for Windows 10 will end on
January of 2020.

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