Concept imagines a modern Windows XP with improved interface

Windows XP concept
Image Courtesy: Avdan

Some Microsoft enthusiasts create their very own
concepts imagining Windows 10 features, and today
it’s Windows XP’s turn. It’s been more than four years
since Windows XP support officially came to an end. While
Microsoft has stopped patching the old operating system and the
company has also asked the users to upgrade to Windows 10, but
it still remains one very popular choice for PC users across
the world.

A YouTuber has created a new concept titled “Windows XP 2018
Edition Concept” which imagines the 16 years old platform
with a whole new interface. The new Windows XP features a
start menu from Windows 10 but the elements resemble the look
and feel of the old OS.

The conceptual Windows XP features a modern looking user
interface elements, and the taskbar has been also redesigned.
Despite the modification, the concept still resembles the
classic Windows XP and it looks really nice.

Concept of Windows XP
Image Courtesy: Avdan

As you can see, the conceptual Windows XP also comes with
Timeline feature from Windows 10. The taskbar, start menu and
login menu also feature the classic Windows XP colouring.

File Explorer in Windows XP concept
Image Courtesy: Avdan

Windows XP is still quite popular as in the past few months
it actually gained market share, and while we’re
getting closer to its complete demise, there are still some
users operating the old platform.

Microsoft launched Windows XP on October 25, 2001. It
became one of the most successful Windows versions in history.
After 17 years of its debut, the platform is still being
used by many.

Windows XP was a critical update as it represented a major
overhaul of Microsoft’s Windows operating. It is
the pillar of Windows 7 and Windows 10 interface. While
the interactive interface was the primary reason for Windows
XP’s success, the marketing also helped the platform to grow as
it made sure everyone was aware of the features it included.

It’s been more than four years since the company stopped
rolling out updates, but there are many Windows XP users who
are not ready to give up yet. However, it’s likely that the
platform will lose market share as it is vulnerable.

Windows XP is vulnerable to the majority of attacks, and
its popularity apparently affects everyone due to the fact
that the operating system is still being used by authorities
and government across the world.

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