Closer look at Windows 11’s upcoming Task Manager with colours, dark mode

Windows 11 Task Manager hands onWindows 11 Task Manager hands on

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 is set to refresh the Task Manager
interface with a modern look that’s more in keeping with the
rest of the WinUI implementation across the OS. Preview builds,
which are made available to users who have signed up to be
‘Windows Insiders’, include a new Task Manager.

Unlike the taskbar, which has been rewritten from scratch,
Microsoft is not creating a new UWP Task Manager for Windows
11. Instead, the company is bringing a WinUI-inspired look to
the existing Win32 frame of Task Manager. This also gives us an
idea of what Microsoft is planning for other legacy areas of
the OS.

As you can see in the below images, Microsoft’s new Task
Manager finally feels like it belongs in Windows 11. The
company has replaced tabs for switching between Processes,
Performance and other sections with a hamburger menu. The
hamburger menu appears on the left side.

Task Manager dark colour

The left-hand slide menu makes the Task Manager much more like
most modern Windows 11 apps.

Task Manager has also received support for dark mode and system
accent colour.

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 also uses ‘accent colours’ for
various on-screen elements. You need to pick up an accent
colour from the personalization tab or you can also choose
“Automatically pick an accent colour from my background” to
automatically match the colour with the background.

Task Manager light mode

The accent colour applies to the Start, taskbar, notification
center, buttons, and other areas of the OS. The same accent
colour feature is now heading to the Task Manager and it
supports most of the colours, but the company says it will
apply to the processes tab only, at least for now.

Task Manager performance

The accent colour currently doesn’t apply to tabs like
Performance due to accessibility and readability issues.

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any other tweaks coming to the Task
Manager, and it appears that the version in
Windows 11 Build 22610 is early, as it’s not fully ready.
As per reports, Microsoft is planning to introduce some
additional features into the app.

For example, Task Manager is getting a new section to display
dedicated information regarding “App health” and “Battery

Given the modular nature of the OS, we won’t be surprised if
additional features will be added when the feature update is
released to the public.

During the webcast, Microsoft developers suggested that this
isn’t a final design, so we could also get more design
improvements and features.

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