Closer look at Windows 10’s new Clipboard manager

Windows 10 clipboard update

Currently, users often find it difficult to insert media
contents on social media sites and paste text in Windows 10
apps without formatting. With the Windows 10 Sun Valley update,
Microsoft is planning to improve the Windows Clipboard, which
is one of the operating system’s most important features.

The next update will introduce a new ‘Clipboard’ experience
with support improved clipboard history menu that will allow
you to insert emojis, GIFs, and content from your clipboard
with or without formatting.

The brand-new Clipboard manager also uses Fluent Design and it
comes with a new touch-friendly interface previously seen on
Windows 10X.

Windows Clipboard

The new clipboard experience is supposed to make it easier for
users to add content media contents to their messages in nearly
all apps, such as Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Inside any text field in the app of your choice, you need to
press and hold the Windows button and V until you see the
clipboard menu. Once done, you can click on any emoji or GIF to
add it to the text area.

Or, you can also use the search bar to scroll through the list
to find more.

The new copy-and-paste experience

For years, pasting texts in emails, documents and apps without
unwanted formatting was an exercise in patience. In apps
like Microsoft Office, you can easily paste texts with or
without formating.

In all other apps, Windows 10 required support from app
developers or some hunting from users. Luckily, Microsoft has
heard the feedback and the built-in
clipboard manager will bring back the long-awaited “paste as
plain text” option that users were waiting for.

Old Clipboard manager
Current Clipboard retains the formatting (links, bold text,

As you can see in the above screenshot, Windows 10 clipboard is
currently able to retain the formatting (recognize the links,
fonts, different languages, numbers, tables and addresses) when
you simply paste text from a site like Wikipedia.

In Windows 10 Sun Valley update, you can open the Clipboard
menu (Win+V) and a new option called ‘Paste as text’ will
appear when you try to paste something you’ve copied that has
any sort of formatting included.

New copy paste option
New Clipboard feature removes the unwanted formatting

This new button is remarkably handy when you want to reformat
the copied text and remove unwanted links or bold/italic texts.

Paste as text

Microsoft is testing more improvements for the Clipboard
manager in the internal builds and changes will begin rolling
out later this year.

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