Closer look at new weather widget for Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar weather

Windows 11’s taskbar drag and drop support is still several
months away, but we’ll have plenty of smaller taskbar features
to test out in the interim. One such new feature is support for
weather widgets, which is now rolling out to testers in the Dev
Channel of Insider program.

Windows 11 comes with new integrated widgets, akin to the ‘News
and interests’ panel that’s already in Windows 10. The widget
panel, which appears on the left side of the screen, currently
comes with widgets for native features, such as Microsoft
To-Do, Outlook calendar, Photos, Traffic, and Weather.

The widget panel also pulls up a large info panel that includes
the latest headlines and top stories from MSN (Microsoft’s news
feed), including sports events, politics, relevant stock
stories, upcoming events, and more. You can scroll through and
interact with news items in the panel.

Windows 11 taskbar weather

The widget button currently appears in the center of the
taskbar, but the tech giant is now planning to move the entry
point to the left side. After the update
(Build 22518), Windows 11 taskbar will also show live
weather content on the taskbar.

You can still open the Widgets board by either clicking on the
icon or hovering over the entry point.

You can try the new Weather widget for the taskbar by joining
the Dev Channel. In addition to the new build, you will also
need a new version of the Windows Web Experience Pack which can
be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

What’s next for Windows 11 widgets board

Taskbar widgets integration is a minor improvement, but there’s
more to come.

For example, we’re expecting third-party widget support in
2022, with Microsoft effectively testing the feature in the
first half of 2022.

This could be similar to Windows Vista where we had support for
third-party desktop gadgets, but users won’t be able to pin the
widgets to the desktop. The third-party widget integration will
be enabled via new APIs for developers.

It also remains unclear if the company will allow users to pin
the widgets to the desktop. At the moment, there’s no sign in
the initial incarnation of Windows 11 Dev Builds. This may well
change based on feedback, but desktop integration looks very
unlikely for the time being.

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