Chromium Edge for Windows 10 to come with scrolling, media improvements

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft released Chromium-powered Edge browser for Windows
10. As Microsoft has switched the Edge browser base to
Chromium which also powers Chrome, the browser has some of the
Chrome features.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge will continue to evolve and the final
version of the browser may not look like Chrome. Microsoft is
also working on unique features that would differentiate Edge
from the other web browsers.

The reason Chromium Edge currently looks like Chrome and some
features are missing is that Microsoft is currently focused on
the fundamentals. Microsoft hasn’t yet had time to put a wide
range of features and language support.

In yesterday’s announcement, Microsoft also confirmed that it
will be bringing several features to the new version of
Microsoft Edge. The company also shared the changes we can
expect to see on the surface, some of the improvements that
Microsoft is currently testing are:


Edge smooth scrolling

Edge is known for high-class scrolling experiences on the web
and Microsoft is now planning to implement smooth scrolling in
the Chromium Edge as well.

Microsoft shared its thoughts to bring the old Edge browser’s
smooth scrolling functionality to Chromium. This will allow any
Chromium browser, including Edge and Chrome, to work better
when scrolling on the scrollbar.

Microsoft says it is working with Chromium engineers to make
major improvements in this area. For instance,
the engineers from both sides are collaborating to make
the sidebar, keyboard, touchpad, touch, mouse wheel
scrolling as smooth as possible.


Edge keyboard suggestions

Microsoft is also working to enable Chromium-based browsers to
deliver the best possible experience when using the browser on
a touch screen Windows 10 device.

For instance, the browser will text suggestions as you type in
the address bar and also allow users to type by just swiping
over keys.


Edge flags

Chromium-Edge now also comes with support for Microsoft
PlayReady and Google Widevine DRM systems. This
would provide users with the highest level of
compatibility across different streaming platforms.

Streaming sites that use PlayReady DRM will be able to
stream contents in 1080p or 4K in new Microsoft Edge. The high
dynamic range (HDR) or Dolby Vision is also supported.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge uses PlayReady DRM to
deliver the highest resolution and bitrate when streaming
videos online.

The software giant also plans to make improvements to video
playback power efficiency. To make this a reality, Microsoft
will be working closely with the Chromium team to understand
the condition and make further improvements in this area.

Under development

Microsoft is still working on these features and while you can
enable the features through flags menu, some of them may not
work properly.

Microsoft is also working on the following features:

  • Dark Mode: Use darker colours for buttons and other
    controls. This can be enabled from the flags menu.
  • Accessibility Improvements: Support for Narrator, high
    contrast modes, and caret browsing.
  • Grammar Tools: Use tools that break words into syllables
    and highlight parts of speech.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Improved scrolling performance and
  • Reading View: Show articles in a format optimized for
    reading and free of distractions.
  • Translation: Translate the web from one language to another
    while browsing.

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