Chromium-based Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 is getting a new update

Edge on Windows

Microsoft is rolling out new updates for both Edge Dev and
Canary. The latest update comes with minor changes, fix for an
issue that may have resulted in higher CPU usage when the
browser was idle, and more.

Microsoft is rolling out Edge Dev Build and
Canary with multiple improvements. In the
Microsoft says that the update enables the built-in translator
and you can use it to translate any foreign language website to
your system language.

Dark mode is now on by default for everyone and you don’t have
to enable it manually via the flags menu. To see dark mode in
Edge, you will need to change your theme settings on Windows or

Edge address bar update

Edge is getting support for the keyword search through the
address bar. This means when you type a search engine keyword
such as Bing into the address bar, you will be reminded to
press the tab button to search using the search engine.

“Keyword search is available for all search engines you install
or which are automatically detected for you as you browse,” the
company explains. You can add any website’s search engine to
Edge from Settings > Privacy and services and directly
search that site.

Edge browser menu

Microsoft is also adding a ‘Close Microsoft Edge’ button in the
menu. The update also improves dark theme in the browser’s task

There are various bug fixes included in this release. For
instance, Microsoft is fixing an issue that may have caused
high CPU usage when the browser is in an idle state. Another
bug where the Settings page crashes due to a corrupted user
profile has been addressed.

Important note

Microsoft has just announced that the latest Edge Dev update
breaks the browser. The company is investigating the reports
and you shouldn’t update the browser at the moment.

Better dark mode support coming soon

In a forum post, an
engineer from Microsoft has confirmed that the dark mode in the
new Edge browser will be improved in a future release.

“The design for dark mode is not great at the moment. We would
be updating this shortly! Thanks for sharing the feedback,” the
company said.

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