Chrome on Windows 10 to get Tab Groups, ability to scroll tabs using mouse


Google will soon bring the dark mode to Chrome, the search
engine giant is also testing several other features for its
browser on Windows and other platforms. According to the latest
findings, Google is testing a new feature called ‘Tab Groups’
and the ability to scroll between opened tabs using the mouse

Tab Groups will sync across devices

Google is working on a new feature called ‘Tab Groups’ that
will arrange tabs into different groups. The feature will
reportedly group different Chrome tabs together and it will
benefit users who end up opening too many tabs.

Chrome Tab Groups

Chrome in Canary branch has been updated with two new options
‘Add to new group’ and ‘Add to existing group.’ You can enable
it in Chrome Flags menu and you will have to right click on an
active Chrome tab to access the tab groups feature.

According to a Chromium Gerrit
post, you can open a new tab from a website in a group and
the tabs opened from that website will become part of the
current tab’s group. For example, if you add Wikipedia to a
group and open more links from the same website, the browser
will add those pages to the same group. This should allow users
to manage tabs more systematically.

The findings also revealed that users will be allowed to drag
and drop tabs from a group to another. It also appears that
these groups will sync across devices.

You will be able to scroll tabs using the mouse wheel

If you tend to open a lot of tabs, Google is working on a new
feature that will make it easier for you to navigate between
tabs. The feature is supposed to allow users to scroll between
dozens of opened tabs using your mouse wheel.

The feature was first requested way back in 2008 and a new
post on Chromium
Gerrit finally addresses the feedback. The code commit aims
to activate the next/previous tab on the horizontal scroll. It
will allow users to use the mouse with horizontal scroll
such as tilting wheel or separate wheel for h-scroll.

It’ll serve little to no purpose if you maintain few tabs
but those who have tons of tabs sessions running, it
can make finding countless tabs a lot easier

Currently, if you open gazillions of tabs, you’re supposed to
tap on each tab unless you find the correct one. If this
feature is enabled in a future release of Chrome, the
browser will let you scroll open tabs using your mouse’s scroll

This nifty addition to Chrome would be a huge relief for those
users that keep plenty of tabs open all the time and found it
switch between them.

The aforementioned features are still under development phase
and it’s not known if or when the features will be added to
Chrome for Windows.

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