Chrome for Windows 10 can now share web pages with other devices

Chrome Canary settings

Have you found a web page on your Windows PC, but you really
want to access it on your mobile device to read it later at
night? Whatever the reason, Google Chrome’s latest
server-side update makes it easy to send web pages from one
device to another, including Windows 10 to Android.

If you’ve signed into the same Google account on both Chrome
for Windows 10 and mobile, you can now quickly send a webpage
from desktop to your connected mobile device.

Today, the stable build of Google Chrome is getting a new “Send
to my devices” option in the context menu, which makes sharing
webpages across different platforms much easier. According to
the reports that we’ve seen, Google is gradually rolling out
this change over a server-side update and there’s nothing you
can do to trigger it on your device.

Chrome web sharing

Google already has the ability to sync tabs, history and
bookmarks. However, ‘Send to my devices’ is a faster and better
approach. You don’t have to wait for the tabs to sync as you
can now manually push it to your devices.

After you will click on ‘Send to my devices’ or ‘Send to my
[device name]’ option, a notification will appear on that
particular device. Finally, clicking the notification on
Android phone or PC will open Google Chrome with the shared web
page. The process is fast and the notification appears on the
device within a few seconds.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge also offers a similar
feature that lets you resume web browsing on any device.

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