Check out this ‘Incredibles 2’ house on Zillow as super family moves into super new digs

Incredibles 2 homeIncredibles 2 home
(Zillow Image)

This house has an Incredibles view. And an Incredibles kitchen and living room. And there are Incredibles amenities, too. In fact, it’s just the type of mid-century modern mansion for a family of superheroes.

Timed to the release of “Incredibles 2,” Zillow has gotten in on the hype for Pixar’s much-anticipated sequel by creating a super-home listing. The 19,962-square-foot home with four bedrooms and four baths is not on the market, but it’s definitely fun to take a look around.

Incredibles 2 ZillowIncredibles 2 Zillow
(Zillow Image)

With a sweeping view of the city of Municiberg, the home is particularly intriguing because of smart features throughout — designed to “make daily chores a breeze” (as if having superpowers didn’t already accomplish that).

The Incredibles family — Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elastigirl), Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack — get to enjoy an infinity pool, a garage concealed by a waterfall, multiple hidden entrances, and a surveillance system, of course.

“Incredibles 2” opens in theaters June 15. Check out the trailer:

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