Charmin looks to disrupt the toilet experience with new technologies unveiled at CES

LAS VEGAS — At CES this week, toilet paper manufacturer Charmin unveiled three concept technologies to improve your toilet-going experience. Whether they represent the future of technology in the loo, or are simply a bit of toilet humor to elicit a chuckle, is up to you to decide.

The RollBot is a new Bluetooth-controlled robot that delivers a roll of toilet paper to you on the throne when you unexpectedly run out. We certainly agree with the utility of such a robot, though the technical details on how the bot actually retrieves the toilet paper are a little unclear at the moment.


How many times have you entered an odor-filled bathroom that you wish you hadn’t? In a novel form of CES vaporware, Charmin introduced SmellSense, a new electronic monitoring sensor that detects both carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in a “toot” or a “number two.” A simple GO/NO GO display provides guidance on whether the bathroom is safe to enter.

Charmin SmellSense.

And finally, Charmin announced V.I.Pee, a new style of luxury porta-potty aimed at concert-goers who don’t want to miss out on the show. Providing live concert or event footage via an Oculus Rift S VR device, the concert-goer doesn’t have to miss out on the show when nature calls.


It’s not clear if these prototypes will ever be available to purchase, but they certainly make for fun conversation.

“At Charmin, we’re always on a mission to bring people a better bathroom experience, and while that starts with the best TP, Charmin GoLab allows us to finally expand beyond just the seat,” Charmin Brand Director Rob Reinerman said in a statement. “The concepts we’re bringing to CES are a playful way to showcase our relentless obsession with helping people Enjoy the Go now and into the future.”

Charmin is owned by Procter Gamble, which is at CES for the second straight year and will host its LifeLab exhibit this week on the show floor.

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