Catherine Demands Your Attention in This Seductive Catherine: Full Body Video


Catherine Demands Your Attention in This Seductive Catherine: Full Body Video

November 15, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

Catherine Full Body

Titled “The Mistress,” the latest teaser trailer for Catherine: Full Body puts Catherine seductively in the center. Which makes sense, given her important role in the story and her role in assisting in his predicaments.. Watch Vincent become flustered while ultimately giving into Catherine’s aggressive advances.

Here’s Catherine: Full Body‘s Catherine!

We’re reminded of the three love interests in the game, who are Katherine, Catherine, and a new heroine named Rin. This video marks the fourth episode in an ongoing series of shorts highlighting different facets of the game’s story, with this one taking an in-depth look at Catherine and her relationship with Vincent.

The two meet in a bar, but there’s also a flashback to an earlier, simpler time when they met at school. Mostly, we see Vincent conflicted over sex and infidelity, while overwhelmed by Catherine’s lingerie and the suggestive photos she texts him.

It has been seven years since the original game, Catherine released in the United States in 2011. In addition to visual upgrades and a new love interest, there are also some add-ons called Ideal Voices. These gives players eleven different voice acting options for Catherine. After all, it’s not truly seductive if your preferences aren’t taken into account.

As sexual as most Catherine: Full Body screenshots and trailers are, this game isn’t just about sex and romance. It’s heavily driven by surrealism and puzzle-solving. You can expect plenty of gameplay improvements as well when Catherine: Fully Body releases February 14, 2019 in Japan and at some point in the west.

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