Capcom’s Official Resident Evil Twitch Premiere Shambles to the Starting Line


Capcom’s Official Resident Evil Twitch Premiere Shambles to the Starting Line

August 22, 2018Written by Lucas White

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Earlier in the month, Capcom launched an official Resident Evil Twitch channel. The pitch was a weekly stream schedule, which would include new reveals and story playthroughs. To that end, a premiere stream was scheduled for August 23, 2018. Unfortunately, that stream has been canceled, presumably postponing the channel’s official launch date.

Despite this unfortunate news, fans shouldn’t be super disappointed, as according to a tweet from Capcom’s Resident Evil community manager, the stream on August 23, 2018 was intended as more of an initial test run. Fans were hoping the stream would include the Claire content from Resident Evil 2 that is making the media rounds at gamescom 2018, but for now that will remain only for the media.

The tweet announcing the Resident Evil Twitch premiere cancellation does not provide further details, simply confirming that the stream has been cancelled, rather than postponed. To quote the tweet, “We will provide more info soon on the new starting date.” For now, you can visit the Resident Evil channel’s landing page and subscribe for alerts when it goes live. Otherwise it remains under construction.

In the meantime, you can check out a recent batch of screenshots for Capcom’s big Claire Redfield reveal, as well as some recently-released footage showing off Claire, Sherry Birkin, and of course Dr. William Birkin.

[Source: Capcom via Twitter]

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