Bullet Girls Phantasia PS4 and PS Vita differences detailed


Bullet Girls Phantasia

D3 Publisher has detailed the main differences between the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Bullet Girls Phantasia.

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There is no difference between the PlayStation 4 and PS vita versions in terms of fundamental game content.

With PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, there are differences in enemy character placement, graphical effects, production, and so on based on hardware performance.

For some missions in the PS Vita version, there are cases where you will choose a “Supporter” rather than a “Buddy.” The “Supporter” system, which returns from previous entries, sees the character you select as your Supporter not participate in battle, but rather grant the player character special effects.

Also, during the Interrogation Special Training sessions that occur mid-story in the PS Vita version, you can have at most two characters in the Interrogation Gallery. In the Interrogation Special Training selected from the menu screen, however, you can have up to three characters in the Gallery for Single Interrogation, Double Interrogation, and Reverse Interrogation.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on August 9 in Japan, as well as in Southeast Assia with English subtitles. Pre-order the limited edition here. If you missed it earlier this week, catch the latest trailer here.

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