Brawlout for Xbox One launches August 21, adds Dead Cells protagonist this fall



The Xbox One version of party fighting game Brawlout will launch alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4 version on August 21, developer Angry Mob Games announced.

Xbox One owners will have access to an exclusive party mode that “drops combatants into a series of new, crazy”play modes that are perfect for local match-ups with friends or for taking on other brawlers in online play.”

Additionally, Angry Mob Games announced that the headless protagonist of Dead Cells will join Brawlout as a guest character via a free update this fall. Here is an overview of the character, via Angry Mob:

Hot on the heels of Dead Cells‘ upcoming console release, the hard-hitting-hero is being added the ranks of other indie darlings that have joined the Brawlout fray including Hyper Light Drifter, Guacamelee!, and Yooka-Laylee. Dead Cells will hit the stage as a multi-skill, multi-weapon expert that uses his battle-worn shovel, sizeable hammers, and sword-attack-arsenal combined with special magic effects to lay combatants flat.

Brawlout first launched for PC via Steam in April 2017, followed by Switch via the Nintendo eShop that December. A physical edition of the Switch version launched in June 2018.

Watch the Dead Cells protagonist reveal trailer below.

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