Bose smart speakers and soundbars get Google Assistant

Bose smart speaker Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is expanding to even more devices.

Bose is adding the Google Assistant to its smart speakers and sounders, including the Bose Home Speaker 500 and Bose Soundbar 500 and 700. Google’s Assistant will also be included in the Bose Home Speaker 300 when it launches this summer.

If you already own one of those Bose smart speakers or soundbars, your device will automatically be updated to get the Google Assistant. You can then go into “Voice Settings” for your device in the Bose Music app, select the Google Assistant, and then set it up from there.

Google Assistant on Bose speakers work just like it does on other devices. You can get answers to questions, control compatible smart home devices, get info on your commute and local weather, add items to your shopping lists, set alarms and timers, and stream music. And later this summer, you’ll be able to play news and podcasts, too.

Having the Google Assistant in more places around your home is handy because it lets you ask questions, stream music, and get your commute and flight info in more places. Now anyone with these compatible Bose speakers can talk to the Google Assistant with them, and for those folks looking for a new smart speaker, Bose’s speakers and soundbars have become more attractive.

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