Border Break’s Release Date is Finally Confirmed in Japan

Border Break’s Release Date is Finally Confirmed in Japan

April 16, 2018Written by Kite Stenbuck

Border Break PS4 pilot Amilia

At last weekend’s SEGA Fes held in Tokyo, Japan, SEGA has finally confirmed the release date for the PlayStation 4 version of Border Break in Japan. This long-anticipated console version of the shooting action mecha game which is very popular in Japanese arcades will be available on August 2. There will be even new PS4 models with Border Break illustrations on them coming as well.

While Border Break is going to be available as a free-to-play game—you’ll be able to download the client for free at the Japanese PlayStation Store—SEGA has also prepared a physical disc version and also priced digital pre-orders that will both have exclusive bonuses, including a new female Border pilot named Amilia and a G.B.W. Stripes paint job for the mech unit which you can see in the above screenshot.

In Border Break, you will get to select a Border pilot avatar and customize your mech unit, which is called Blast Runner, and pilot it to sortie in battles. Border Break‘s main appeal from the original arcade release has been about the 10-vs-10 multiplayer battles, which are also available here. However, the PS4 version will also have a single-player Story Mode which delves deeper into the game’s lore and a PvE Beginner Match mode where players are grouped in a team to fight an AI-controlled team. Unlike many other F2P games, Border Break will not have a stamina system, thus allowing you to play as many missions as you like in a playthrough.

Border Break for PlayStation 4 will be released in Japan on August 2. While this game is currently only intended for the Japanese audience, players from outside Japan were also able to access the open beta test that was held in February.

[Source: SEGA via 4Gamer]

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