Blue Protocol closed beta test announced, new trailer and character details

Bandai Namco has announced a closed beta test for Blue Protocol, its upcoming online action RPG for PC, which will run for four days from sometime in late March. Applications will open via the official website on February 12, and a total of 50,000 users will be accepted.

Blue Protocol

The company also released a new trailer and detailed several characters, including the player, Feste, Jake, Ainlein, Eilinze, and Thyris; as well as features such as mounts and character creation:


The protagonist of the story. The player’s avatar. He / she adventures the world in search of his / her lost memories, and before long confronts a spectacular fate.

Blue Protocol


A demihuman girl who joins the player’s journey. She is a cunning trickster that deceives others to get her way around.

Blue Protocol


A self-proclaimed “Top of the Top” adventurer whose name is well-known in Asterleeds. He is undeniably skilled, but his behavior is a little untrustworthy.

Blue Protocol


A mysterious girl who you spot many times on your journey. She helps you without saying much. She seems to be related to the Bapharian religion but…

Blue Protocol


A woman who appeared at the pillar of holy prayers. She claims to be have come from beyond space time for a great cause. And that lies about the future she tells…?


A woman who is the bodyguard of Eilinze. She always does “what she has to” and does not stand down from making harsh decisions at times.

Blue Protocol


Blue Protocol

Character Creation

Blue Protocol

Watch the trailer and the a “Development Room Report” video below.

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